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 DS Lapel Pin Options

DS-LP Options

Additional SoftEnamel Colors  (Addl Colors  DS/Etch/Cast-LP )
Additional soft enamel colors over four colors included in pricing for lapel pins/

 Price: $0.10 Each  (P)

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Engraved Numerals  (EngraveNos  DS-LP )
Engraved number on emblem (for example denoting years of service). Setup charge is per change in numeral.

 Price: $0.20 Each  (P)

 Setup Charge:   $20.00 Each (P)

Epoxy Dome  (EDome  LP )
Clear epoxy dome on die struck brass soft enamel or etched soft enamel lapel pins.

 Price: $0.06 Each  (P)

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Pierced areas of design  (Piercing  DS-LP )
Pierced or cutout areas of design of die struck lapel pins. Priced per each cutout or hole in design. See image for example of 3 piercings in one pin.

 Price: $0.10 Each  (P)

 Setup Charge:   $40.00 Each (P)